SAE Handbook Supplements

Specialized, Comprehensive SAE Standards Manuals

SAE Handbook Supplements provide comprehensive sources of standards information on special topics. In many cases, the standards and information contained in these references are not available in any other publication. Be sure you have all relevant standards available when you need them by purchasing these valuable standards manuals.

The following is a list of available titles:

HS-784/2003 - Residual Stress Measurement by X-Ray Diffraction

HS-796/2000 - SAE Manual on Design and Manufacture of Torsion Bar Springs and Stabilizer Bars

HS-806/2009 - SAE Oil Filter Test Procedure

HS-1086/2012 - Metals & Alloys in the Unified Numbering System, 12th Edition

HS-1939/2009 - SAE Truck and Bus Control Communications Network Standards Manual

HS-3000/2010 - SAE On-Board Diagnostics for Light and Medium Duty Vehicles Standards Manual

HS-3300/2010 - SAE Wheel Standards Manual

HS-3600/2008 - Surface Vehicle Electromagnetic Compatibility (EMC) Standards Manual

HS-4000/2009 - SAE Fastener Standards Manual - 2009 Edition

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