Individual SAE Standards

Ground Vehicle Standards
These standards documents (commonly referred to as “J” reports or “J” documents) cover hundreds of interest areas relating to ground vehicle design, manufacturing, testing, and performance.

Download full-text ground vehicle standards.

Aerospace Material Specifications (AMS)
These specifications cover materials, material tolerances, and quality control procedures and processes. They list chemical composition, detailed technical requirements, and cross-reference similar specifications and materials for corrosion and heat restraint steels, wrought low-alloy steels, cast iron and low-alloy steels, aluminum, magnesium, copper, titanium, and miscellaneous nonferrous alloys, nonmetallics, special property materials, and refractory and reactive materials.

Most Aerospace Material Specifications are available for downloading.

Aerospace Standards
Aerospace Standards (AS), Aerospace Recommended Practices (ARP), and Aerospace Information Reports (AIR) are the guidelines for the design and production of thousands of aircraft parts and components. AS are design and/or part standards applicable to missile, airframe, ground-support equipment, propulsion, propeller, accessory equipment, and airline industries. ARP give dimensional design and/or performance recommendations intended as guides for standard engineering practice. AIR contain general accepted engineering data and information.

Most Aerospace Standards are available for downloading.