Download Instructions

You will download a self-extracting compressed file to a specified directory on your hard disk, run that file to decompress its contents, and then run the Working Model program. The steps are as follows:

1. Click on one of the download options on the Working Model page. Your browser will prompt you for the filename and directory to download the file. The default filename for the Windows version is FLWMWIN.EXE. The default filename for the DOS version is: FLWMDOS.EXE.

2. After the file has been downloaded, you must run the downloaded file to decompress the files. For the Windows version, select File-Run from the Windows Program Manager, then enter the path/filename (e.g. C:\SAE\flwmwin.exe). For the DOS version, move to the directory and enter the filename (e.g. C:\SAE\flwmdos.exe).

3. To start the Windows version of the working model, select File-Run from the Program Manager and enter the path followed by WINMOVE.EXE (e.g. C:\SAE\WINMOVE.EXE). To start the DOS version of the working model, move to the working model directory and enter SAE.EXE. (e.g. C:\SAE\sae.exe)