Customized Knowledge Solutions

From Information to Knowledge

Ray Morris, SAE Executive Vice President, published the following article in Automotive Engineering International. It discusses SAE's role in providing products and services to customers that will aid in transferring information to knowledge.

SAE staff has been tasked with determining how to better anticipate and meet the needs of you, the customer. Indeed, one of the Society's primary roles is to identify services and products that deliver value, that make mobility professionals more effective, and that, in turn, make the organizations you work for more viable and successful.

One area in which we're focusing our efforts is transitioning "information to knowledge." Following direction of the SAE Board, and taking into account a two-year market study of industry needs as well as extensive research on technology solutions, SAE undertook implementation of a new publishing infrastructure that now positions SAE as a "boundary-less" publisher using the Internet as a cornerstone delivery method. The new system is highly flexible in the areas of content aggregation, software functionality, and delivery options, while maintaining adaptability to new formats and product formulations.

Currently being implemented by SAE staff is an increasingly sophisticated content management system that will streamline the digitization and capture of information so it can be strategically classified, combined, contextually linked, and easily accessed.

Both efforts are built around customer needs for seamless desktop access to SAE's complete intellectual property library, more user-controlled options, more technical depth, more data relationships, and a simplified path to answers. The end result: SAE information can be quickly distributed and integrated, leading to better decisions, more innovation, increased productivity, and faster product cycles.

The shift involves moving away from prepackaged product offerings to a user-focused palette of customized information solutions. The SAE Digital Library currently provides a central source for continually updated, full-text document sets supported by advanced search features. Each enterprise can define the breadth and depth of content it wishes to subscribe to, integrate it to its own system, or choose to have it hosted by SAE (on the SAE server). Smaller, user-specified document subscriptions are also available for more focused needs beyond those served by single document downloads available at Whether it's landmark technical reports or the latest standards, SAE's goal is to provide every user access to the right information when they need it, and how they need it.

Creating a shorter path from information to knowledge goes beyond a centralized repository that's rich in options. Added value comes with delivering information in context or providing a filtration system so the mission-critical pieces are easily located.

SAE TechKnowledge Centers (launching later this year) provide complete access to a topically focused set of documents on a dedicated site that will be selected and updated by one or more experts in a particular field of knowledge. The expert provides editorial context and shortcuts to key concepts, and also monitors external sources for useful additions to the core information. Future plans include an integrated forums capability and a collaborative workspace environment for teams.

SAE staff experts can provide pre-installation assessment consultation, tiered technical support, and ongoing customer relationship development to ensure the Society's knowledge solutions are a meaningful part of each corporation's drive for technical excellence and effective competition.

SAE will continue to expand its leadership role in providing relevant, personalized knowledge to the mobility industry, and honor our commitment to deliver value in everything we do.

Ray Morris
Executive Vice President
SAE, International