SAE Highway Vehicles Safety Database

On the World Wide Web

The SAE Highway Vehicles Safety Database on the World Wide Web is designed for technical practitioners who need access to the most current information on safety research and standards. All you need is a connection to the World Wide Web. Give access to everyone in your organization with a network license.

Web Database Advantages

With the Safety Database on the Web, you simply need to enter a keyword, name, or document number, press the search button, and the results are displayed immediately. Or, you have the option to use its fill-in-the-blank form to limit your searches to specific fields. Of course, wildcards, Boolean operators (AND, OR, NOT), and online help are always available.

What you receive with your order

Minimum Requirements

$368 (single workstation) Order No. SAFEWEB
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Licenses for multiple users and networks are also available. Contact us for more information.

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