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Document Number: 980099

Title: An approach to modeling the vehicle end-of-life process

Publication Date: Feb 1998

A descriptive analysis of the Vehicle End-of-Life (VEOL) process in the U.S. is presented. The material recovery process and the reuse of parts are discussed. A computer VEOL model will be presented which would ultimately be used to analyze the impact of specific regulations, markets factors, and/or business policies, on the recyclability of materials and the reuse of parts. The computer model includes several stages of the VEOL process, including vehicle sales, usage, and retirement; also the dismantling of the retired vehicle, shredding operations, parts and vehicle rebuilders, maintenance and repair. An example of the use of the VEOL computer model on material substitution is presented.

Author(s): Bustani, Albert; Mackay, Patrick W.; Cobas-Flores, Elisa; Yester, Susan; Sullivan, John; Williams, Ronald L.

Organization(s): ITESM; ITESM; KBS Consulting Engineering; Chrysler Corp.; Ford Motor Co.; General Motors Corp.

Meeting: SAE International Congress and Exposition

Meeting Location: Detroit, Michigan, USA

Meeting Start Date: 23 Feb 98

Book containing this paper(s): SP-1342

Publisher: SAE International, Warrendale, Pennsylvania, USA

Publisher Segment: SAE

Index Terms: Models; Computer simulation; Recycling; Parts reusability; Life cycle

Subfile: Land or Sea

Country of Publication: USA

Language: English

Document Type: Technical Papers

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