SAE Ground Vehicle Standards Technical Databases

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SAE Certified Power

Power and Torque certification provide a means for a manufacturer to assure a customer that the engine they purchase delivers on its advertised performance. SAE will maintain a database of all certification data in accordance with SAE J1349 and SAE J2723 for use by customers, researchers and media. This site contains details of the program including a regularly updated list of certified engines and a complete list of qualified witnesses.

Proven Power Performance SAE J1349 Certified Power

SAE Wheel Conformance Program

This database is an online resource for the wheel industry, retailers and consumers featuring information on passenger vehicle and light truck wheel strength and safety. This site contains a list of registered manufacturers and identification of the markings they affix to the wheels. It will also include basic test results and confirmation if the wheels are in compliance with SAE J2530.

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SAE J2746 Software Assessment Repository

The SAE J2746 Software Assessment Repository is a secure online database system that facilitates accurate and secure sharing of corporations' software development capabilities in accordance to SAE J2746. The repository does not mandate the use of one assessment method over another. Instead, it reports the salient results from industry-accepted assessment methods, such as Automotive SPICE, CMMI, and provides guidelines for understanding in a uniform manner.

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Mobile Air Conditioning Components and Service Technician Conformance Program

This SAE Program provides MAC manufacturers, testing facilities and providers of technician training with a procedure for certifying and registering compliance with appropriate SAE MAC standards.

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