Ford: The Dust and the Glory, a Racing History (Volume 1: 1901-1967)

From Henry Ford's own victory at the October 1901 Detroit Driving Club race to the 1967 LeMans triumph of A.J. Foyt and Dan Gurney, this first volume of Ford: The Dust and the Glory (the second volume will cover 1968-2000) tells the inside story of Ford's often spectacular racing accomplishments.

Henry Ford not only put America on wheels, he put it behind the wheel of a racing car. Ford: The Dust and the Glory, a Racing History (Volume 1: 1901-1967) is the story of how it all happened - the story of how automobile racing was born, and how it grew to be America's number one spectator sport.

SAE's reissue of the long out-of-print 1968 classic covers seven decades of Ford's pioneering and illustrious activities in auto racing. As author Leo Levine (see box below) writes, "no other American manufacturer has been more involved with the sport. In many respects, the competition history of Ford parallels the progress of auto racing in this country." Volume one is scheduled for availability February 1, 2001.

Covering 67 triumphant years, this first of two volumes conveys, as author Leo Levine puts it, "the sound and the fury, the speed and the drama" of racing itself, while spotlighting Ford's groundbreaking accomplishments. The second volume, scheduled for release in late 2001, will pick up the story in 1968 and continue through 2000.

Ford: The Dust and the Glory features the stories - and numerous photographs - of the great races, the great cars, and the legendary personalities (both the famous drivers and those "behind the scenes") associated with Ford and its great competitors of the era. In addition to the dramatic moments of glory and tragedy, Levine chronicles the day-to-day grind behind those moments - the frantic but disciplined hours at the drawing board, in the workshops, on the proving grounds, and in the pits.

"The word money is mentioned perhaps more than any other because you can't build cars without it and you always build to the limits of your budget, if not beyond," Levine writes. "But once the starting flag drops, it is a sport, pure and simple."

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About the Author - Mr. Leo Levine

When Ford: The Dust and the Glory was first published in 1968, Leo Levine was fresh from a career as a newspaperman (highlighted by stints with the European edition of The Stars and Stripes and with The New York Herald Tribune and as a racing driver in Europe and South America. He quit the latter occupation in 1960 when, he says, "Dan Gurney went around me on the outside going about 20 miles an hour faster." He then spent twenty years with Mercedes-Benz of North America as one of the company's general managers before retiring and returning to writing and the golf course.