SAE Automotive Fuels & Lubricants Database

Applications and Benefits

Whether it’s getting the details on the latest fuel reformulation, viscosity test results, engine technology, or EPA procedure, the F&L Database is a cost-effective way to stay current, competitive, and compliant.

Fuels and lubricants specialists will find this tool can be used in many ways:

Stay current with the latest international research, technologies, and specifications.
Find experts who specialize in emerging or existing technology you need to know about.
Monitor competitive activity and research.
Save yourself time with research that's already been done.
Gain access to technical papers from a meeting you missed.
Ensure your product is compatible with emerging technology.
Quickly locate and learn about critical standards and methods.
Discover “shelved” technology that may be applicable today.
Solve complex technical problems.
Locate the best sources for technical information relevant to your business.
Compare your test results with similar findings.
Research archival information and be confident you found all relevant documents.
Gain convenient, timely access from a desktop computer.
Get direct support from SAE.

The F&L Database is the first research tool dedicated to the complex needs of the F&L industry. You can monitor competition, innovation, regulations—AND investigate all the related technologies like combustion, emissions, additives, tribology, and disposal. This unique tool provides advanced international information, indexed and summarized in detail—all in one convenient place!

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