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This SAE Seminar is intended to provide convenient access to high-demand educational content. We have created this program to be easy to use yet flexible for people with different learning styles. The following is some helpful information to assist you in using this program. If you have questions that are not addressed in our FAQ section or are of a more technical nature, please e-mail us at Thank you.
Frequently Asked Questions
  • What are the minimum equipment requirements for this program?
  • What do all the buttons mean?
  • Why is the Slide Viewer Screen and/or the Video Screen blank when I select "PLAY"?

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    What are the minimum equipment requirements for this Seminar?

    For optimal performance you should have the following:

    •   PC Computer - Pentium class 200 MHz or better
    •   Windows 98 or later
    •   800 X 600 screen resolution or greater
    •   32 MB of RAM or better
    •   Windows Media Player 7 and above
    •   Internet Explorer 4.0 or higher

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    What do all the buttons mean?

    1) Presentation Controls

    The "PLAY" button will start the program. The "PAUSE" button will hold the presentation in its current spot. To resume playback after pausing, press the "PLAY" button. To stop the program, use the "STOP" button. Clicking "PLAY" after the "STOP" button will start the seminar section from the beginning.

    2) Volume Control

    Adjust the volume by clicking on the "+" to increase volume and "-" to decrease volume.

    3) Navigation

    In addition to using the "PLAY" button to begin the program, you may also choose to view specific sections -- and even specific slides within a section. The Table of Contents button provides a drop-down list of all of the program's contents including hyperlinks to individual slides.

    The "film strip" at the bottom of the main screen is another navigation feature, this one designed to allow you to jump back or forward by a just a slide or two. This feature will come in handy if you are interrupted, want to review instruction you just heard, or perhaps wish to skip forward.

    4) Instructor Bio

    Interested in learning more about the instructor's experience and credentials? Click this button for background.

    5) SAE

    Click to be taken to the SAE website. Your one-stop resource for technical information and expertise used in designing, building, maintaining, and operating self-propelled vehicles for use on land or sea, in air or space.

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    Why is the Slide Viewer Screen and/or the Video Screen blank when I select "PLAY"?
    The Seminar can take time to load initially depending on your computer's speed. If, after you have waited for up to a minute for the initial slide to begin, nothing happens, you may need to download the latest versions of Windows Media Player. Please check to be sure that your system meets the minimum requirements for this Seminar. Contact SAE Customer Service at (724) 776-4970 if technical problems persist.