SAE announces the release of its first "e-Seminar," or seminar delivered electronically - specifically, on CD-ROM

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About this Program: SAE Diesel Engine Technology e-Seminar



About e-Seminars

SAE now offers "e-Seminars," or electronically delivered seminars - specifically, on CD-ROM.The traditional SAE classroom seminar, Diesel Engine Technology featuring instructor Magdi Khair, is now available on CD in the form of full-motion video illustrated with synchronized presentation slides.


Convenient & Portable Learning

Convenient, portable, and with core content not reliant on live web connectivity, the program offers a new way to receive the same instruction as live classroom learning without the expense of travel and time away from the workplace.Preceded by a self-quiz, the content is presented in ten modular topics that allow the student to progress through the course at their own pace.Navigation is granular to a slide so revisiting a specific concept or using the table of contents to select a starting point is easy.A handout accompanies the CD to complete a ready-reference package available whenever and wherever a refresher is needed.


Thorough Coverage of Hot Industry Topics

The new Diesel Engine Technology e-Seminar (I.D. # PD130312) provides new OEM recruits and diesel engine component suppliers with a fundamental knowledge of the diesel engine. After a short but thorough introduction of the diesel combustion cycle, the seminar explores the importance of the fuel injection system, turbocharging, intercooling, and many other aspects of engine design. Formation of each of the regulated emissions species, as well as design changes to control these emissions, is explained. Details of emission control design changes and some sample cases are quantified through the use of actual examples. An overview of developing technologies for the future with a comprehensive section on exhaust aftertreatment is also included.


Online Post-Test Measures Learning

Upon conclusion of the course, learners take an online post-test to gauge mastery of the topic, receive CEUs (1.3), and obtain an SAE certificate of completion.


Package Contents


Multi-user corporate licenses are available.


For more information

For more information on or to purchase the Diesel Engine Technology e-Seminar, visit or call SAE Customer Service at 1-877-606-7323 (Outside the U.S. and Canada: 724-776-4970)