SAE Databases

SAE Databases provide a fast, efficient way to access information on SAE technical papers and standards.

Online Databases

Global Mobility Database®
Offers detailed summaries, in English, of internationally published technical literature and standards pertaining to research, engineering, and manufacturing of vehicle technology for land, sea, air, and space. Publishers include SAE and other technical societies across the world. Contains over 150,000 document summaries.

Highway Vehicles Safety Database
This segment of the Global Mobility Database provides information about internationally published technical literature, standards, and regulations of interest to automotive safety professionals and associated industries. Contains over 70,000 document summaries.

">SAE Publications and Standards Database
Comprehensive coverage of technical information published by SAE including fully-detailed summaries, bibliographic information, and networking capabilities. Includes every SAE paper ever published plus SAE's magazine articles, books, standards, and reports are covered. Contains over 85,000 document summaries.