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Composite Materials Handbook (CMH-17)

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Composite Materials Handbook Volume 5. Ceramic Matrix Composites
The fifth volume of this six-volume compendium publishes technical guidance and properties on ceramic matrix composite material systems. The selected guidance on technical topics related to this class of composites includes material selection, processing, characterization, testing, data reduction, design, analysis, quality control, application, case histories, and lessons learned of typical ceramic matrix composite materials.

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Polymer Matrix Composites

R-422 Volume 1: Guidelines for Characterization of Structural Materials
Provides guidelines for determining the properties of polymer matrix composite material systems and their constituents, as well as the properties of generic structural elements, test planning, test matrices, sampling, conditioning, test procedure selection, data reporting, data reduction, statistical analysis, and related topics.

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R-423 Volume 2: Materials Properties
The second volume of this six-volume compendium contains statistically-based data for polymer matrix composites that meets specific CMH-17 population sampling and data documentation requirements, covering material systems of general interest.

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R-424 Volume 3: Materials Usage, Design, and Analysis
The third volume of this six-volume compendium provides methodologies and lessons learned for the design, analysis, manufacture, and field support of fiber-reinforced, polymeric-matrix composite structures.

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R-422 Volume 4: Metal Matrix Composites Includes properties on metal matrix composite material systems and provides selected guidance on material selection, material specification processing, characterization testing, data reduction, design, analysis, quality control, and repair.

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R-427 Volume 6: Structural Sandwich Composites
This volume is an update to the cancelled Military Handbook 23, for use in the design of structural sandwich polymer composites, primarily for flight vehicles.

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